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5 Tips to Keep Your Cell Phone Healthy [Cynthiana]

At Aurora Information Systems, we want to help you avoid costly cell phone repairs. Our cell phones are expensive items and we’re here to help make them last as long as we can. Whether you’re at a Harrison County Breds football game and you crack your screen by dropping it in the parking lot or your nephew decides to use your phone for a drink coaster, you have the peace of mind that we’re local and easy to find in downtown Cynthiana.

Below are a few tips that may help you care for and extend the life of your phone:

1. Hot, Hot, Hot… Never leave your cell phone in a hot car – especially in direct sunlight. The inside of your car can get incredibly hot during the summer months. If exposed to extreme high temperatures, your cell phone battery could overheat and catch fire.

2. Turning Your iPhone Off… Turning your phone off for a few minutes daily can help your phone operate more efficiently -And- could also help extend the life of your battery.

3. Quality Parts… If you decide your phone needs a repair... Make sure your repair service uses only high quality replacement parts. Here at Aurora Information Systems in Cynthiana, we strive to use the most reliable parts on the market and stand behind each repair we make.

4. Moisture or Water Damage… If your cell phone is exposed to moisture or dropped in water, DO NOT use a blow dryer to try and dry it out. By blowing hot air through the phone will cause the moisture to further condensate and actually spread the moisture throughout the inside of the phone, thus making matters worse. The best thing you can do is to remove the battery (if possible), your phone’s sim card and place your phone in a bowl of rice or keep a package of our EVAP moisture removal product on-hand. You can purchase this at our store at 105 Joe B. Hall Court in Cynthiana. Note: No moisture removal method is ever guaranteed but it may aid in saving your phone.

5. Cleaning Your Phone and Extending Your Battery Life… Regular cleaning is a must. By taking a soft brush (maybe an old toothbrush) and gently brushing the charging port will help in keeping your charging contacts clean and prevent damaging debris from getting caught in critical areas. You can also clean your ear speaker and external speaker areas as well - these areas have a tenancy to collect debris that will adversely affect the way you’re able to hear your phone. A can of air is also handy to gently blow dirt and debris from these areas as well.

If you feel your phone is in need of courteous professional, certified repair, call or email us here at Aurora Information Systems, LLC for your cell phone repair issues. We’re your hometown repair center and we’ll always do our best to help! Before You Go… Check out the following helpful link on 15 Mistakes that Shorten the Life of Your Phone:

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