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Computer Down? 3 Questions a Computer Repair Technician May Ask [Cynthiana]

-by Lisa Hadley

In this world of modern technology, it’s probably safe to say that there’s at least one computer per every household nowadays. No matter how new or old your computer is, at some point, you will inevitably be faced with a sick PC in need of some type of computer repair service. Before bringing your ailing PC to a computer repair shop in Cynthiana, here are three questions that you may be asked by the computer repair technician upon your arrival. Your information will be invaluable in helping him/her pinpoint the problem more quickly and efficiently:

1.  Does the computer have virus protection?  If so, what is the brand name of the virus protection and is it up-to-date? 

It is important for the computer repair technician to know if you have virus protection on your computer because that will help the technician troubleshoot the issue.  If your computer isn’t protected from viruses, you’ll start to see your computer running slower, unable to connect to the internet, will freeze up, or even give error messages like the “blue screen of death”.

At Aurora Information Systems, we’ve seen computers so badly eaten up with viruses from unprotected computers, that we have no choice but to completely restore the computer back to factory settings for it to ever function again.  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

At Aurora Information Systems, if the customer doesn’t have protection, we highly recommend allowing us to put WebrootSecureAnywhere Virus Protection on it.  No virus protection is 100% guaranteed to keep your computer completely free of viruses, but we have found that Webroot does a great job, is easy to activate, uses fewer resources, and runs in the background.  It warns you when you’re at a site that is potentially harmful to your computer, and you never have to manually update the virus definitions.  Webroot is also reasonably priced and we offer a coupon when it’s time to reactivate your subscription at our store.  When it’s time to renew Webroot, Aurora Information Systems also offers a Preventive Maintenance Plan for our returning customers.  It includes a ton of services such as cleaning the PC inside and out, Malicious Malware Removal, fine-tuning and optimization, and Windows Critical Updates.  We highly recommend the Preventive Maintenance Program.  It’s just another excellent way to help keep your computer virus-free and running smoothly from year to year. 

2.  Has your data been backed up?  If not, which items are important to you? (pics, docs, music, favorites, etc.)

It is highly recommended that customers backup their data periodically.  You never know if or when your computer or hard drive is going to crash and you don’t want to lose all those valuable pictures and documents you’ve saved over the years.  You can either do that with a flash drive or even better, an external (portable) hard drive.  At Aurora Information Systems, we stock both. Here is more information about the advantages of external hard drives and how they can be beneficial in keeping your important data safe and secure:  

Many times, customers don’t feel savvy enough to back up their data themselves.  If that is the case, we will do our best to save everything we can, as long as the hard drive hasn’t completely died.  Aurora Information Systems has been very successful at saving data and has even been able to recover data that you may have thought was lost for good.  We recall one day, a worried lady called us.  Somehow she had accidentally deleted hundreds of pictures of barn quilts she had taken from all over Kentucky and thought they were gone for good.  She asked if there was any way we could recover the deleted pictures.  With our special software, we were able to recover ALL of her pictures.  She was thrilled to get them back.

3.  What was the PC doing before it crashed and/or what are the symptoms?

Don’t be afraid to tell your technician important details like “It was shut down improperly”, or “I accidentally shut it down in the middle of an update”, or “I dropped it”.  Your technician needs the facts to properly evaluate the issue and cost to repair your computer.  If you're getting an error message, write down as much as you can, or even better, take a picture of the error message, etc. to show the computer repair tech. 

And, if there are multiple issues going on such as “I’ve noticed the computer is running slower” or “I can’t connect to the internet all of a sudden”, make a list.  At Aurora Information Systems, our computer repair technician in Cynthiana, KY will gather as much information as possible to help diagnose your sick computer more quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money. 

There are a few more things that are always helpful when bringing your PC into our shop for computer repair.  Always bring any restoration CD's that may have come with the computer when it was brand new. Also, bring the power supply.  It’s also helpful for us to know what operating system your computer is currently running on.  

Aurora Information Systems is conveniently located in downtown Cynthiana, KY at 105 Joe B. Hall Ct., with lots of parking and easy access to our front door.  Our building is kept at just the right temperature for your computer’s well-being and our building is safe and secure.  We treat your computer as if it was our own, taking pride in each and every computer that comes through our door.  It is our goal to satisfy the customer in every way possible and to make their experience here a good one, again and again.  We are proud of our 5-star rating and the positive feedback we receive on our website and on facebook.

Sometimes people need a doctor, sometimes cars need a mechanic, and sometimes your computer needs a computer repair technician.  You also want someone you can trust, someone you can depend on.  Cynthiana, Kentucky has been the home of Aurora Information Systems, a family-owned business, for over 25 years that started as just a dream but soon became a reality.  Through the years, our family has been active in our churches and schools and involved heavily in this community and as proud members of the Cynthiana Harrison Co. Chamber of Commerce.  Our customers are our neighbors and friends, people we meet in the grocery store or wave to on the street corner.  Honesty and integrity have been an integral part of our business over the years.  That is why we are “Cynthiana’s Trusted Computer Repair Store”.  We look forward to meeting you soon!

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